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FLYGRLS is a benefit dance party based in Los Angeles with a mission to support and celebrate female artists, brands and organizations. We’ve created a party with a purpose by offering an atmosphere for like minds to network, get inspired, all while having a good time for a good cause. We believe in giving back and helping others by donating a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit organization who help and assist the community and those in need.


performance: kiana vee | dj’s: parisa, huneycut, sammi g, brilliant | host: janessa molina | dancers: ellen kim, blair kim, sheela awe, lydia paek | Photos: virisa yong


Performance: QUIÑ, Emmalyn Estrada, Jessica Reynoso | DJ's: Smiles Davis, Honey, Von Kiss | Host: Felicia La Tour | dancers: Ellen Kim, lydia paek, sabrina fernandez, michelle griffith, sheela awe, blair kim, deja riley



Performance: Maxine Ashley | DJ's: Kittens, Eden Hagos, Suga Shay, Bella Fiasco | Host: Nai Vasha | dancers: Ellen Kim, sabrina fernandez, lydia paek, sheela awe, alexis shon, michelle griffith, valerie l.


Music: Madame Gandhi, Eden Hagos, Coco & Breezy, Huneycut, + Bella Fiasco | Host: Nai Vasha | Dancers: ellen kim, sabrina fernandez, sheela awe, lydia paek



DJ Sets: Softest Hard (OWSLA), Amy Pham, DJ Millie, Von Kiss | Host: Sheela Awe | dancers: ellen kim, sabrina fernandez, lydia paek, lindiwe rose, sheela awe

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Live Performance: Snoh Aalegra | DJ Sets: Amy Pham, Jasmine Solano, Bella Fiasco, Erica Landia | Choreography: SHESKP | Host: Chanel Coco Malvar


DJ Sets: KITTENS (Fools Gold), Sasha Marie (Soulection), Astronautica (Alpha Pup), Bella Fiasco | dancers: Ellen Kim, michelle griffith, sabrina fernandez, lydia paek, kelly pahamotang | Live Art: Hueman | Host: Chanel Coco Malvar


Live Performance: DJ JCK DVY | DJ Sets: Noodles, Amy Pham, Kronika (Soulection) | Choreography: GlamGirlsLA | Host: Chanel Coco Malva